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Redragon BM21V13 Thugga Monitor 22inch - 21.45" 75Hz FHD

Redragon BM21V13 Thugga Monitor 22inch - 21.45" 75Hz FHD

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Redragon BM21V13 Thugga Monitor 22inch - 21.45" VA Panel, Flat Panel, 75Hz FHD, 1920x1080, VGA + HDMI Ports

Discover the Gaming Excellence

The 21" 75Hz Redragon Thugga VA monitor is designed to deliver an immersive, high-quality gaming experience. With its VA (Vertical Alignment) display technology, it features rich colors, high contrast and wide viewing angles.

High-Refresh Rate, Marvel of This Monitor

Whether you're a casual gamer or an avid gamer, this monitor will let you enjoy your favorite games to the fullest. The main feature of this screen is its 75Hz refresh rate. This high frequency allows moving images to be displayed with great fluidity, reducing blurring and trailing effects. This will allow you to react faster to in-game actions and enjoy a more immersive gaming experience.

Immersive Gaming & Exceptional Picture Quality

Additionally, this Redragon display features Full HD resolution, delivering crisp, crisp detail for exceptional picture quality. Games will be more immersive with detailed graphics and vibrant colors. In terms of connectivity, this display is equipped with HDMI and VGA ports, allowing you to easily connect it to your PC or other peripherals. It also has built-in speakers, delivering clear and immersive sound without the need for external speakers.

Enhance Your Gaming Experience

Ergonomic design with the possibility of adjusting the tilt of the screen according to your preferences. The Redragon Thugga 21" 75Hz VA Monitor is an ideal choice for gamers looking for a quality monitor that delivers an immersive and smooth gaming experience.
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